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Tesla Sighting: iPad Auto HDR

I recently purchased an iPad. The built in camera has an auto-HDR option. I spotted a new Tesla parked on Clyborn Avenue in Chicago and decided to test the HDR option of the iPad camera.

The shooting conditions were difficult, with bright sun, long shadows, shiny metal... Compared with the non-HDR version, the auto-HDR is a considerable improvement. I believe in this version of the iOS, 3 exposures are measured.Tesla-with-hdr-524


The Light Table

Film is not dead. Not yet. I still do some film scans. Nothing like 4x5.

my light table

Pattern Removal: Fast Fourier Transform

Fast Fourier Transform filtering for pattern removal. Some old photo prints have various regular patterns visble in the print. This is a texture that is embossed into the stock the image is printed on.

This is a problem that often comes when restoring old photos. The method used to remove the pattern is a frequency domain filter. In this case I used a Fast Fourier Transform plug-in for Photoshop. The one I use is only available for PC, the 2008 version by Alex Chirokov.

This is a funky old photo that needed restoration. Couldn't even start without getting rid of the embossed pattern.


jamal A FFT beforeafter

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